Model-based Databases

Quantity Takeoff

Data services for tendering

BIM models are perfect for providing and managing big amounts of information you need for tendering. From consciously built BIM models you can quickly generate:
  • - Structural layers by orientation
  • - Openings by type and orientation
  • - Openings cost and type schedule
  • - Optional quantities
  • - Cost estimations
  • - Importable datafiles for economical validation

Tendering Upon request, every schedule can be refreshed with just one click. No more searching for information. You can follow any data in an instant. Overall, this method takes 70% less time than traditional data services, because only solely by data retrieval about 97% of your time can be saved.

Time Saving

Time Schedule and Resource Optimization

The base of the time schedule is the 3D model and the quantities we extract from it. The construction schedule is derived from the quantities retrieved from the 3D model linked with the building standards.

The completed schedule usually has plenty of idle time and organization issues that have to be optimized by location-based flowline schedule. These clever diagrams also give the possibilities for time and resource optimization without having a 3D model.

Schedule Optimizing

Quantity Takeoff

From the BIM models, we get the model-based and derived quantities. It has the advantage to be accurate, quick, follows every change in the model and you can trace back the data source every time. It can be linked to a generated, quantity based cost estimation and schedule. This efficiency is the main interest of every investor and constructor. Every BIM model is able to provide quantity lists, but the accuracy heavily depends on the method, therefore needs a lot of experience.

Quantity Takeoff