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Opinion Builders Ltd. was founded by four of us 10 years ago to offer a fresh attitude among Hungarian engineering offices. Since then the company has grown to 58 employees, expanded its range of services, and its revenue has increased by more than 100 times. In 2023 it became clear that we no longer share the same vision so we peacefully decided to continue as separate companies from 2024.

Opinion Builders Ltd., led by Attila Barkóczy and Zoltán Jánky will be rebranded soon as

Vince Kováts created Aparip Ltd.:

Attila Pál develops Danu Ltd.:

In the future you can reach us at the following contacts:

Novu Kft.
Attila Barkóczy


Zoltán Jánky


Aparip Kft.
Vince Kováts


Danu Kft.
Attila Pál