3D Modeling and Plan Coordination

3D Modeling

Virtual Construction

It is the most expensive and sometimes even an unsolvable part of a project if the drawings' constructability issues are found during the construction. We create the virtual prototype of the building the same way it was designed, as it would be built in the jobsite . This way it is easier and less expensive to detect the problems and the missing details. Virtual construction is the main test for the layouts: anything that causes issues during modeling could result in time loss, unnecessary expense and ill-conceived solutions later.

Clash Detection

Clash Detection and Plan Coordination

In most cases, the MEP systems have problems due to the limited space. Keeping in mind the priority of the elements and the feasibility, we continuously keep in touch with the designers and engineers in order to get mature and basically clash-free plans. Occasionally a clash detection is also carried out on the model.
Upon request, MEP plans with trace and height dimensions are prepared and provided for the designers. Remember, spending more time on the planning table will pay off on the construction site.

MEP Coordination Resolution